Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt, Please stop fooling people

I am sharing my personal experience with MMT. I booked MMT assured room. I saw the advertisement of MMT assured room. In that, they told that the customer will get the best property if we booked MMT assured room. I was traveling to Manali and booked a hotel – Hiltone resort and spa Manali.

As it was shown MMT assured hotel. I booked a room but when I reached the hotel, I saw the hotel from outside and felt so much disappointed with the hotel exterior. I went to see my room I was totally shocked again. The picture of the room displayed in MMT is totally different from real. When I entered the room it was very small and dirty. The details of that horrible room were as follows.

  • The carpet in the room was very old due to that presentation of the room was very untidy.
  • The bathroom experience was worst.
  • Flush was not working and no toiletries were kept.

I told them to please change the room. As hotel staff denied to change the room as this was peak season.

I tried to contact MMT Customer Care

The conversation happened between me and MMT executive in the following format.

Firstly they put my call on hold saying we are transferring to the concerned department.  I was on hold for 20 min and now I knew nothing was going to happen.

Then I called, again and again, they put me hold more than 15 min. I called 3rd time and started shouting because I knew nothing is going to happen. I was again put on hold and disconnected Later.

Then I had to stay in the same hotel because I had already paid 6000INR for that filthy room for just 1 night that was not even 1 star. I tried to adjust in the room but at night insects were roaming around.  It was too difficult to sleep. Spider, mosquitoes etc were also included in this MMT assured package.

I kept on trying whenever I was able to call MMT.

Next day I did not book any hotel and decided I will book whenever I will stop travelling for the day and try my luck if I could find a hotel at peak season. I tried 2-3 hotels and guess what I was able to get rooms much cleaner, spacious in range of 4000-4500 for a night.

I talked to the hotel staff during booking hotel room :

“Bhaiya, app log MMT ke hotel booking nhi lete?”

He said:

“Lete hai”

I asked

“Kya aap same room dhikate hai Online booking walo ko?”

He said:

“Nhi sir, hum bache hue room dete hai kyuki unki payment to sure hoti hai lekin jo Tourist ate hai wo ache room dhek ke hi lete hai, to hum ache rooms direct walkin tourist ko dete hai”

I was shocked to hear this. This is the biggest fraud of online companies as they never check what kind of rooms tourists are getting when they book online. However tourist who go directly get bigger, better, cleaner room than who book online.

I personally think that these stars fool us and we simply book hotel thinking nothing bad will happen. When I came back from the trip and contacted MMT. First, they closed my 2 tickets without any explanations and when I reopened the 3rd complaint then they started showing me reviews on trip advisor. However, the reviews are paid reviews. I showed them the actual review about the hotel which they denied and did not respond. The MMT assured wrote 3 stars and 4-star properties but that property was not even capable of 1 star. We have to show these big companies what common man can do to them. They cannot fool us by showing fake reviews and false advertisement.

The images of that room are on the following link.


The Only thing I regret is I did not record the conversation with the Hotel staff and did not clicked any images of the Hotel room as my Phone space was full.

The key take from this exepreince is never book online. You will find better room by direct walkin, but you will have to spend some time and effort to do that.




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