For any problem, complaint or help related to the railways, the railways have now stopped the different numbers issued earlier. Now you can solve all your problems with just one number. If you have not yet written the number, you must do so.

New Delhi. Indian Railways has increased its emergency number and stopped all emergency numbers. Now you will think what is the matter of convenience in this, rather it is a difficult news, it is not so. Actually, the Indian Railways has now given only one number for all complaints, suggestions and problems. Now you will always have to remember only one number even if there is a problem. Railways will remove your problems from that number only.

Now there will be only one number 139

Railway Ministry has tweeted that for any inquiry, complaint or help, now the same helpline number will be 139. On this, people can find a solution to their doubts or problems. Railways have done this so that it will be easier to remember the number. At the same time, we could have everything on one platform. Railways also say that apart from this, hardly any new number will be released in future.

All these old numbers were closed

In its tweet, the Railway Ministry also made it clear that all other numbers have been discontinued due to merging the services provided in all the old numbers of 139. In which there were helpline numbers like 182 and 138 released earlier. Passengers will be able to get information in 12 languages ​​on the new number. It has also been told that on this number, travelers are going to get can-can facilities from the railways.

All this will be from the number 139

The question will be in the minds of the passengers that what will be provided to them in the number 139 issued by the Railway Ministry. The railway has also given its answer. Passenger helpline number 139, according to the Railway Passenger Name Record ie PNR , Train ‘s position , train the movement of time with keeping SMS sent out was able . That does not train the seat Maajud is or not , ticket cancellations are made , Anbaerd Services Facilities also the same number of the mill will.

What number can be accessed in 139?

If you call the helpline number 139 of the railway, you will hear the options related to services from number one to the number. The number one hit on security and medical emergency, 2 Number Puctacः PNR , hire and ticket booking and related information , 3 numbers at Kettering related to complaints, 4 number of through common complaint , 5 number of through vigilance and corruption of complaints, Pressing the number 6 will get the information related to the train accident , with the help of the number 9, you can find out the status of the old complaint , and by pressing the hash *, you will be able to talk to the call center officer .


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