Indian Railways Rule: The country’s first train, in which passengers will not be able to eat non-veg, railways made a big announcement


Vande Bharat Express: There is important news for those traveling by train in Vande Bharat. Railways has made a big announcement regarding food in the train. It is now forbidden to eat and carry non-veg in the Delhi-Katra Vande Bharat train. Vande Bharat train is the first such train in the country, which has been given a Sattvik certificate. That is, now this train is completely hygienic and vegetarian.

Vande Bharat got the country’s first sattvik certificate

Let us tell you that Indian Railways has also started this. An agreement has already been signed between the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, which provides catering facilities in trains, and the Sattvik Council of India. Let us tell you that passengers cannot eat non-veg on their own side as well.

Rest of the trains will also be sattvik!

IRCTC has started making Vande Bharat a sattvik train. According to the Railways, gradually other trains going to religious places will also be made sattvik. Actually, the passengers traveling in these trains are such, who are going on a religious journey and like to eat completely sattvic. After this the rest of the trains will also be made sattvik.

Railway took a big step 

Actually, during the journey, many passengers do not like the food served in the trains because they are not sure that the food available in the train is completely vegetarian and hygienic. There is a doubt about the food among the passengers. The question goes on within them that while preparing food in the train, how much care has been taken for cleanliness, veg and non-veg are cooked separately, what is the process from preparing food to serving. Now to eliminate the problems of such passengers, Indian Railways has started Satvik train.

Know its complete process 

Abhishek Biswas, the founder of the Sattvik Council of India, has said that many processes have been completed before giving the certificate of satvik to the Vande Bharat train. Under this, the method of cooking, kitchen, serving and serving utensils, maintenance were checked, the certificate was given only after going through all the process. That is, the railway has given it a certificate after full preparation.


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