Indian Railways Chain Pulling Rules: Know the rules to pull the emergency alarm chain in the train, otherwise..


Indian Railways Chain Pulling Rules: Keeping in mind the safety and convenience of the passengers, Indian Railways installs emergency alarm chains in all coaches. Emergency alarm chains are installed in train coaches so that the train can be stopped in case of an emergency. However, at present, the misuse of this facility is increasing. Indian Railways is taking strict action against the passengers who pull the alarm chain in the train without any valid reason. In this episode, action has been taken against 114 passengers in Prayagraj division of North Central Railway from July 1 to August 2 under Section 141 of the Railways Act 1989, who pulled the alarm chain in the train without any valid reason.

Rs 71,215 recovered from 114 people who pulled chain without reason

A total of 114 people were arrested from July 1, 2022 to August 2, 2022, while acting on chain pullers without proper reason, in the order of various campaigns being run at railway stations under the jurisdiction of Prayagraj division. Rs 71,215 has been collected from all these passengers as fine. The railway administration has appealed to the passengers not to do chain pulling without proper and sufficient reason, doing so is a punishable offense. Your fellow passengers have to face trouble due to the above act.

Imprisonment of 1 year can be done with a fine of 1 thousand rupees

Let us tell that due to the pulling of the alarm chain, that train is not only late, along with it all the other trains coming from behind on that track also get late. Under Section 141 of the Railways Act, 1989, pulling the alarm chain on a train without proper cause is punishable with a fine of Rs 1,000 or imprisonment up to one year. Not only this, a passenger who does so can be jailed for 1 year along with a fine of Rs 1,000.

In these circumstances the alarm chain can be pulled

  • If a moving train catches fire, chain pulling can be done to stop the train in such a situation.
  • If there is an elderly or disabled person with you during the journey and he is having difficulty in boarding the train and driving the train, then in such a situation also the alarm chain can be pulled.
  • If there is a small child with you and he leaves at the station and the train starts, then chain pulling can be done in such a situation also.
  • If the health of a passenger suddenly deteriorates during the journey, then the alarm chain can be pulled even in such circumstances.
  • If there is theft or robbery in the middle of the journey in the train, then chain pulling can also be done in this situation.


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