If we have you reading, here is some dope news about destinations where you can use your Indian driving license.

Travelling to different shores is a delightful opportunity that life presents, especially if you want to gather new experiences to enrich your mind, and explore the far reaches of this world. But imagine how it would be if your host country lets you enjoy a good drive as well. Sure, a flat tire mid-way may set you back, but there is nothing like a road trip on foreign roads.

We have put together a list of 11 countries across the world that are good with your Indian driving license, from the United States of America to the United Kingdom, and even the Aussie land. And while we picked these places because they’re relatively popular, the memories are bound to be priceless because you will be allowed to drive easily on your Indian license.


(Right Lane) If you are on a short trip to Germany, your driving license will be accepted by the authorities, no matter which car or two-wheeler you drive. While it is not mandatory to get an International Driving Permit (IDP), it is still advisable to keep it along because the document bears the translation and will be helpful for the local authorities to scrutinize your credentials. If getting an IDP is not possible for you, get a translation of your driving license from any German diplomatic mission.

Great Britain

(Left Lane) The trio of England, Scotland and Wales lets Indian tourists drive for a period of one year on the roads, provided you have a valid license. The only downside is that you can only drive the class of vehicle your license mentions.


11 countries where you can drive around with an Indian Driving License

(Left Lane) While you can freely drive around in Australia with a valid Indian driving license, the Northern Territory debars Indian tourists from doing so. And although you get permit to drive on a valid license, you can only get around in the class of vehicles stated in the license.

New Zealand

(Left Lane) Have a license with words printed in English? If your answer is in affirmative, good news because it can let you can drive in the Kiwi Land for twelve good months. If, however, your license is not in English, head to an approved translator to get the needful done for you, and get it stamped by the New Zealand Transport Agency.



11 countries where you can drive around with an Indian Driving License

(Right Lane) You can easily fulfil your dream of exploring the beatific Swiss Alps by taking the steering in your hands for up to one year if you possess a valid Indian driving license.

South Africa

(Left Lane) Yes, you can explore South Africa’s beautiful towns and countryside by driving around on your Indian license. The key is to ensure the license is valid (obviously), is printed in English, and bears your photo and signature. Even car rental companies ask for an IDP before renting out their vehicle. So, be sure you are carrying one.


11 countries where you can drive around with an Indian Driving License

(Right Lane) You are travelling to Sweden, but do not have your driving license printed in English, German or French, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. The simple solution is to carry a translated version in any of the above languages along with a photograph or an authorised ID proof with a picture on it.


(Left Lane) If you are visiting for a shorter duration, you don’t need a separate license to drive around in Singapore. But make sure you still have an IDP issued by an authorised body in India. Get in touch with the RTO for the purpose. Also, if your license is not in English, carry an official translation together with a valid driving license.

Hong Kong

11 countries where you can drive around with an Indian Driving License

(Left Lane) Hong Kong allows foreign tourists to drive on its roads for a period of 12 months. Carry your driving license or IDP for the purpose.


(Left Lane) In case your driving license is not printed in English, tourists are required to carry a translation of the original in English or Malay language, and it should be confirmed by the Indian embassy based in Malaysia or by the issuing authority. As an alternative, use an IDP.


11 countries where you can drive around with an Indian Driving License


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