Mysterious Place of India: You must have heard stories of ghosts and ghosts in your childhood. Apart from the wonders of science, modernity and logic, the stories of these locations can scare people. Those who are fond of mystery and adventure also become careful in these places.

It has been 21 years since Chhattisgarh came into existence. Even before this incarnation, a large area here has many secrets in itself. Even today, there are ghosts, witch-witches, treasures and many such mysterious places, where people are still afraid to go. Let us tell you some unresolved secrets of Chhattisgarh, which you will also be stunned to know.

You must have heard stories of ghosts and ghosts in your childhood. Apart from the wonders of science, modernity and logic, these stories can scare people apart from real life through film or serial. Even today, there are many such haunted ie ghostly places, where even today people get goosebumps to go.

y shape bridge 

The Y shape bridge of Bhilai was built many years ago to overcome the problem of traffic. This also brought great relief to the people. But a few days after the bridge was built, people saw unusual incidents happening here. Experts believe that there is a shadow of a ghost on the road of the bridge.

Which is seen wandering on this road between 12 o’clock and 4 o’clock in the night. Some people claim that a woman in white clothes suddenly comes in front of the vehicle and asks for a lift. Therefore, knowledgeable people do not pass here during the night. It is believed that this soul makes strangers its prey.

farsabahar nagalok

Farsabahar, Pathalgaon, Garden and the entire belt of Kansabel of Jashpur in Chhattisgarh are very favorable for venomous snakes due to friable soil and hot climate. Hundreds of people die every year due to the poisonous snakes found here. The whole area is known as Nagalok.

A total of 425 people have died in Jashpur district from 2005 to May 2017 due to the bites of poisonous snakes. The maximum number of people who died due to snake bite is from Jashpur development block.

Garage Road (Thirty Two Bungalows) 

Chhattisgarh’s thirty-two bungalow is also one such mysterious location. The secret of a girl’s soul is associated with this bungalow. The knowledgeable people here claim the fact that they have faced haunted activities here. People even say that the girl’s spirit attacks the people passing

through here, people run away after saving their lives with great difficulty. In fact, the Garage Road of Bhilai is about two to three km long. Which looks in a scary form at night. Many people say that the wandering soul sometimes asks people for a lift and talks like an ordinary person, but they also attack the passers-by.

Tar Bahar Railway Crossing

The beginning of the recognition related to this crossing is believed to be from the year 2011 onwards. This place in Bilaspur district is considered haunted. It is said that a speeding train had made 18 people its prey here. After this terrible accident, many people have seen strange incidents happening at this railway crossing.

It is believed that now the souls of those dead wander in this place, which disturbs the people passing through here during the night.

Kutumsar Cave and Fishes

This cave is in the Kanker Valley National Park located in the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. It is also considered to be the deepest cave in India. This cave is about 60 feet to 120 feet deep. Whose length is 4500 feet. It is compared to the ‘Curlswar of Cave’ located in America (US), the longest cave in the world.

This cave was discovered in the 1950s. It was earlier called Gopansar which later became famous as Kutumsar cave due to its proximity to Kutumsar village. Talking about the mystery related here, colorful fish are found in this cave. About whom it is said that the fish die when they come out of the cave.




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