The natural resources of India are not insignificant. From Srinagar to Kanyakumari, and from Gujarat Kutch to the latter part of Arunachal Pradesh, the scenery is breathtaking. That is why the influx of tourists to India is so high. Each tourist area in each state looks unique. It is a favorite destination of many tourists for its uniqueness.

Rivers, seas, waterfalls and lakes add to the beauty of India. However, pollution currently pollutes rivers and seas. As a result, beautiful scenery loses its charm. Already many rivers are becoming unusable for drinking and tourism due to the accumulation of waste from factories. But the Ungot River in Meghalaya is different.

The Ungot River in Meghalaya is a nickname for purity. The water flows in the river so clearly that even the rocks and debris at the bottom of the river are clearly visible. Tourists are interested to travel on this river which is close to a small town called Danki in Jantia district. When traveling on a boat, the creatures found in the river, the rocks beneath them, look even more beautiful and are eye-catching. That is why this river is considered to be the cleanest river in Asia. If you want to see this beautiful scenery, go to Meghalaya.


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