Railway Passengers ALERT ! Do not do these 5 big mistakes while traveling in the train, you will reach jail with fine, see details


Indian Railways Penalty Rules: Traveling by train is considered beneficial for traveling long distances. You too must have traveled in train many times. But do you know that during the journey in the train, there are 5 such major crimes, which we should never commit even by mistake, otherwise, along with heavy fines, we may also have to go to jail. Let us tell you about 5 such big crimes today, by committing which you can get into trouble anytime.

Do not sell goods in railway premises

Selling or hawking goods without permission in railway premises is a punishable offence. By doing this, a case can be started against you under section 144 of the Railway Act (Indian Railways Penalty Rules). If proved guilty, one may have to pay imprisonment of up to 1 year and a fine of up to 2 thousand rupees. Social reputation will be stamped, that loss will be different.

Do not travel if waiting ticket is canceled

If you have taken a waiting ticket online and it gets canceled automatically, then you cannot travel with it. If found doing this, the TTE will consider you as ticketless and will be able to charge the full fare of the journey as well as impose a fine of Rs.250. Along with this, TTE can also drop you at the next station.

On being found touting railway tickets

Tickets in railways can be sold only through authorized counters or authorized agents. If a person is found selling railway tickets without permission (Indian Railways Penalty Rules), then arrest can be made against him under Section-143 of the Railway Act. If proved guilty, the accused can be fined Rs 10,000 and imprisoned for 3 years.

Penalty for traveling on the roof of a train

It is illegal to travel by sitting on the roof while traveling in a train. If a passenger is caught traveling on the roof of the train, then action can be taken against him under Section-156 of the Railway Act. In such cases, imprisonment of 3 months and fine up to Rs 500 has to be faced. Therefore, do not commit such a mistake in the train journey even by mistake.

Do not travel in another compartment without permission

In the train, you should travel in the same coach for which you have taken the ticket. If you are found traveling in a higher class compartment without doing so, then action can be taken against you under the Railway Act (Indian Railways Penalty Rules). In such cases, you may be charged the full fare for the long distance and a fine of Rs.250.


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