Nidhivan of Vrindavan, where Kanhaiya still performs Leela, this happens


Rasleela: If you are fond of visiting religious places, then visiting Vrindavan will not only give you peace, but you will also get to know a lot here. Nidhivan is a similar place in Vrindavan. (Rasleela) Where you will see such a scene. Science does not have the answer for that. You will see the body shape of the Nidivan tree, which is standing in different postures.

This world is full of many adventure, fun and scary places. (Rasleela) But Nidhivan, located in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, also leaves behind many mysterious places in the world. Nidhivan is very different and amazing from them all. Vrindavan is known as the land of Lord Shri Krishna which has many temples with enchanting temples along with Krishna temples. (Rasleela) But, apart from this, Nidhivan is popular for many reasons. Local people believe that this is the place where Lord Krishna still comes today and comes here every night and performs Raslila.

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Secret of Nidhivan

The word Nidhivan is made up of two words ‘Nidhi’ and ‘One’. Nidhi means treasure and forest means forest. This place is dense and green forest, which has hundreds of trees. These trees are quite unique in themselves because despite having good roots and branches, all these trees are hollow. Nevertheless, these forests remain green throughout the year, barely animals and other creatures are found here.

Although this place itself looks quite attractive, but the stories related to it make this place even more attractive. It is said about Lord Krishna (facts about Lord Krishna’s Dwarkadhish temple) that he does not come to Nidhivan alone. Radha and all her gopis also come here to enjoy and enjoy themselves. Nidhivan, was actually founded by Guru Haridas. He was one of the biggest devotees of Lord Krishna and only after seeing his deep devotion, penance and meditation, was the Lord himself convinced to visit this place.

Rang Mahal

There is also a beautiful temple at the site, in which the idols of Lord Krishna and Radha are decorated. There is another temple called Rang Mahal, which has its own special significance. It is believed by devotees that this is the Rang Mahal where Lord Krishna himself decorates his beloved Radha. This temple of Vrindavan is full of all the things that the gods may need. This includes beds, toothbrushes, clothes, jewelry, sweets, water etc. Everyday all this color is kept here by the priests of the palace before closing the temple gate. However, every morning everything is found scattered as if someone had used them at night.

The temple closes at 5 pm

Timely care is taken at this place, so that no harm is done to anyone in the night. The temple closes at 5 pm and after this no one is allowed to roam around Nidhivan. That is, after this time no one can go around Nidhivan. You must be wondering if in fact no one would have ever tried to go in there and see what happens at night. Let us know that many people have tried this. But, if local people believe, whoever tries to see Rasleela at night, he either loses his mental balance, or dies of shock.

16,000 wives of Lord Krishna

Perhaps this is the reason why the houses around Nidhivan have few or no windows at all. Those who are in their houses keep them closed especially at night. People strongly believe in the fact that God does not want to be disturbed during Raslila. However, many people have also claimed to hear the sound of the flute and the walking of the feet from the forest at night. Some people also say that the forest trees turn into gopis at night, while some people believe that the tree has 16,000 wives of Lord Krishna, who become alive every night.



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