If getting spoilt amidst immersive luxury is your idea of a perfect holiday, go beyond the usual hotels and escape to any of The Postcard Hotels for an extra-ordinary stay. Think handcrafted experiences that not only spoil you with their indulgent details but also let you soak in the local spirit and flavour of the destination!

Fashioning a new style of hospitality, check out these avant-garde ingredients that set the Postcard experience apart from the typical hotel offerings.

Say hello to flexible check-in & check-out timings


The perpetual hassle to schedule the flights as per the check-in time as well as the rush to leave the hotel in accordance to the check-out time – we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to altering the travel clock and cramming your itineraries as per the check-in and check-out time of the hotels. At Postcard Hotels, you have the complete freedom to check-in and check-out, round-the-clock. So you can easily give your running timelines a little break and even take that precious afternoon nap.

P.S. You also get to choose your own drink on arrival. How thoughtful is that?

Start the day at your own pace

If your extended snooze time meant skipping the oh-so-wow buffet breakfast, fret no more! There are no fixed breakfast hours at The Postcard Hotels. That means, you can easily score some extra minutes of peaceful sleep or go out to capture a beautiful sunrise. There is absolutely no rush – you can savour these beautiful moments because the ‘anytime complimentary breakfast’ will be ready whenever you are!

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Get a taste of the local culinary offerings


Prepared from fresh ingredients and local spices, the exotic gastronomic treats at Postcard Hotels further bring you closer to the true essence and vibe of the city you are holidaying in. Cooked by local chefs, this home-grown indulgence is not only a treat to the taste buds but also to your globetrotting soul. This array of thoughtfully-crafted meals and cocktails will leave you craving for more!

Feel the goodness of Ayurvedic treatments

Based on the concept of a healing Ayurvedic village committed to sustainable living, Punarnava Ayurveda offers comprehensive consultations to address the needs of your mind, body and soul. Enhancing your spa experience through personalised wellness plans, the hotel also goes the extra mile by suggesting take-home tips and consistent follow-ups. So, go on and indulge yourself in the blissful hours of relaxation and holistic wellness with Punarnava Ayurveda at any of the Postcard Hotels.

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Experience the warmth of the local culture


Since the local communities are closely-knit with the Postcard Hotels, you can allow yourself to be touched by the warmth and hospitality of the town itself. From heritage walks to guided city and village tours, the hotels offer delightful glimpses into the lives of the local people. What’s more? You even get to meet, interact and experience the local culture.

So, are you ready to holiday the Postcard way?


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