Indian Railways: Good news for railway passengers, now Ranchi Express train will run for five days in a week, note down the complete details


New Delhi. Indian Railways continuously operates special trains for the convenience of the passengers. In this episode, now the North Eastern Railway has decided to start a five-day-a-week train between Ranchi in Jharkhand and Banaras in Uttar Pradesh. After the introduction of this train, it will be very easy for the passengers to travel between these states.

According to Northeast Railway Spokesperson Pankaj Kumar Singh, 18611/18612 Ranchi-Banaras-Ranchi Express will operate from Ranchi on every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from August 20, for the convenience of the passenger public . At the same time, from August 21, Banaras will be operated on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, five days a week till further notice. In this train, passengers will have to follow the prescribed standards of Covid-19.

At the same time, 18611 Ranchi-Banaras Express will depart from Ranchi at 20.10 hrs on every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 20th August i.e. from Muri at 21.10 hrs, from Ramgarh Cantt at 22.10 hrs, from Barkakana at 23.00 hrs, from Re. 23.41 hrs, 2nd day from Tori at 00.11 hrs, Daltonganj at 01.37 hrs, Garhwa Road at 03.40 hrs, Untari Road at 03.54 hrs, Mohammadganj at 04.06 hrs, Haidernagar at 04.19 hrs, Japla at 04.30 hrs, Nabinagar Road at 04.42 hrs, Dehri Anson It will reach Banaras at 05.22 hrs, Sasaram at 05.35 hrs, Kudra at 05.55 hrs, Bhabua Road at 06.13 hrs, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Junction at 08.05 hrs, Kashi at 08.47 hrs and Varanasi at 09.10 hrs.

In the return journey, 18612 Banaras-Ranchi Express will depart from Banaras at 15.00 hrs on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with effect from 21st August, 2022. On the way, this train leaves Varanasi at 15.30 hrs, Kashi at 15.45 hrs, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Jn at 16.38 hrs, Bhabua Road at 17.20 hrs, Kudra at 17.38 hrs, Sasaram at 17.59 hrs, Dehri Onson at 18.19 hrs, Nabinagar Road at 18.48 hrs. From Japla at 19.03 hrs, Haidernagar at 19.14 hrs, Mohammad Ganj at 19.28 hrs, Untari Road at 19.42 hrs, Garhwa Road at 21.20 hrs, Daltonganj at 21.52 hrs, Tori at 23.30 hrs, Ray at 23.33 hrs, Barkakana at 01.45 hrs, second day It will leave Ramgarh Cantt at 02.00 hrs and Muri at 02.50 hrs to reach Ranchi at 04.15 hrs.

In this train G.S.L.R.D. A total of 15 coaches will be deployed including 02 of general second class, 06 of sleeper class and 01 of air-conditioned third class.



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