UTS Mobile Application Now Available In Hindi : Railways (Indian railways has now started the facility of UTS app in Hindi for ticket booking. This has made it even easier to book tickets. Let’s know its complete process. 

UTS Mobile Application Now Available In Hindi : Indian Railways has started a new service for passengers. There is news of work for the passengers traveling by train. During the Corona period, the Indian Railways made many major changes for the safety of the passengers. In this sequence, railways (Indian railways) is now providing the facility of UTS app in Hindi for ticket booking.

Railway Ministry gave information

According to the Ministry of Railways, users of the UTS mobile app can now book train tickets in Hindi language. According to the report published in the news agency ANI, this app developed by the Indian Railways has brought a new facility for the people.

Earlier this app was available in English language only. But now Hindi language has also been added to it. Due to this, passengers will now be able to easily book tickets in their own language.

Why the need for UTS App?

The Ministry of Railways said that at present there are about 1.47 crore registered users of this app. And gradually this number can be seen increasing further. In view of the increasing infection of the corona epidemic, passengers were also facing a lot of difficulties in getting tickets from the ticket counter.

In such a situation, Railways launched the UTS app so that people can book general tickets on their own. With the launch of this app, people will now be able to book tickets easily.

How to book tickets from UTS app

1. To book tickets through the UTS mobile app, you must first install it on your phone.

2. After this you have to register your mobile number with it.

3. Now you create your ID here.

4. After this you will see two options to book tickets in the app.

5. You can start the ticket booking process by selecting either Book & Paper (Paperless) and Book & Print (Paper).

6. If you opt for paperless, you will not need to remove the ticket from the ticket vending machine at the station.


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