Foreign Tourism: If you want to travel abroad, go to China’s neighborhood, you will get Rs 54,500 as soon as you land at the airport, special arrangements for Indians


Foreign Tourism It is the dream of every Indian to travel abroad, but seeing the expenses there, they step back. How good it would be if some foreign government gives us money to travel as well. This thing which seemed impossible has now become true. China’s neighboring country, which is also very beautiful, is giving thousands of rupees to the tourists coming here to visit. Special arrangements have been made for the Indians.

New Delhi. After all, who doesn’t like to roam around the ‘world’s carelessness’. But, what to do with inflation and everyday needs are so much that the travel expenses are not covered at all. Perhaps the Taiwan Tourism government has recognized this desire buried in the hearts. That’s why the government is giving about 14 thousand rupees to those who come to visit their country. For this, tourists do not even have to do anything special. Special arrangements have been made for the Indian tourist at the airport itself.

Actually, due to Kovid-19, the whole world remained imprisoned in homes for a long time and people are not able to gather the courage to travel to other countries. The economy of countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan largely depends on tourism. This is the reason that both these countries have planned to give cash incentives to those who visit their place. In this episode, the Taiwan government has announced that $165 (Rs 13,600) will be given to every tourist visiting his country. Apart from this, a total cash incentive of $ 658 i.e. Rs 54,500 will be given to the tourists visiting the group.

5 lakh tourists will get cash

Taiwan’s Transport Minister Wang Ku Sai has said that this money will be given to the tourist in digital form. The government has not yet told when and how this scheme will be started, but reports suggest that it will be delivered to tourists through lucky draw or airlines. Hong Kong also made a similar offer in the beginning of February and it was announced to give free air tickets to 5 lakh tourists coming here.

where can you spend money

Taiwan’s Transport Minister says that these money given in digital form can be used by tourists for booking hotels, taxi-cabs and other traveling expenses. Taiwan has given a relief package of about Rs 1 lakh crore to bring the tourism sector affected by Corona back on track. In this series, tourists are also being given direct cash incentive, the benefits of which can be availed by tourists coming from other countries.


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