The Ministry of Civil Aviation has allowed domestic flights to operate with 100 per cent capacity from October 18, amid a drop in the number of coronavirus cases. The Union Civil Aviation Ministry has issued a directive in this regard on Tuesday.

In which it has been said that from October 18, all domestic flights will be operated with 100 percent capacity. Till now domestic flights were being operated with 85 per cent capacity.

In the third week of last month, the Ministry of Civil Aviation issued a circular allowing domestic flights to operate with 85 per cent capacity.

Earlier this capacity was 72.5 per cent. Let us tell you that on 25 May 2020, after a complete ban on flying in the Corona lockdown last year, the government had given permission to fly with a capacity of 33 percent. After this it was increased to 80 percent in December 2020.

Meanwhile, in April and May this year, amid the second wave of corona virus, the government reduced the passenger capacity on domestic flights to 50 percent.

After this, after the fall in the cases of corona virus, the capacity of passengers is being gradually increased and now it has been made 100 percent. However, the Corona-19 protocol will have to be taken care of during the flights.



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