Indian Railways issued an order that now general tickets will also be issued for travel in trains. Passengers will now be able to travel with an instant ticket.

The trains have not yet been in regular operation since the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Special trains are operating only. Most of them have AC coaches. Travel is allowed on reserve tickets only. But now passengers can also travel in express trains with general tickets. It will be allowed soon. Vipul Singhal, Joint Director Passenger Marketing (First), Railway Board, has issued an order regarding this on Tuesday.

The zonal railway has been given the right to decide when the tickets will start getting at the ticket houses at the station. The zonal railways will issue the date associated with the passenger trains currently running and according to the circumstances of the area concerned. Guidelines will also be issued at the zonal level for the passengers to take general tickets along with social distancing. According to the railway, instructions will be issued from the headquarters soon.

The Railway Board has also given permission to start the Jan General Ticket Booking Service (JTBS). Apart from the railway station, passengers will also be able to buy general tickets from JTBS which runs elsewhere in the city.



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