The First Time Traveler’s Guide to Hostel Etiquette

First Time Traveler’s Guide to Hostel Etiquette – A World to Travel (10)
If you’re going traveling it’s highly likely that you’ll stay in hostels along the way. They’re pretty cheap, fun and sociable places to spend the night, which make them a traveler’s best friend. However, there’s a certain ‘hostel etiquette’ that’s useful to know about before you go! Read on for my guide on the unwritten cardinal rules of hostel going.

I’ve always enjoyed staying in hostels on my travels.

They’re just cool places, packed full of fun loving people, most of whom are doing the same thing as you: exploring a new country and looking to have an adventure.

People come from all walks of life and are thrown together into this great mixing pot of excitement and activity, all in the shared pursuit of travel. It creates a unique atmosphere that you just don’t find in other forms of accommodation.

Staying in a hostel for the first time can be a daunting prospect too though. Just the thought of meeting and staying with a huge number of new people can be scary.

But it’s also an unusual environment to experience. I mean, it isn’t very often that you’ll meet and share your living space with a bunch of complete strangers; cooking, eating, sleeping and partying together.

It’s this setup that generally creates the incredible hostel atmosphere, but it can also pose particular ‘challenges’.

So, to help navigate this novel setting, there are certain unwritten rules that are useful to abide by!

The forthcoming ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ below are the particular rules I think will stand any aspiring traveler in good stead in their coming hostel stay.

First Time Traveler’s Guide to Hostel Etiquette


  • Respect your fellow hostel goers

This is pretty much cardinal rule number one, which, if followed, negates many of the ones to come.

Essentially, if you and all around you try to be good humans, making an effort to be thoughtful, respectful and considerate of the people around you, then everything in the hostel will be far more enjoyable for all involved!

  • Make sure you label your food

There’s nothing like living in a hostel to make a thief of you! The general rule in hostels seems to be this: if there’s no label on it, it’s fair game.

So, if you’re keeping food in communal fridges or cupboards, be sure to slap your name on it somewhere!

  • Clean up after yourself (but prepare for things to be dirty)


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