With the rising mercury levels, the one thing that most of us seek is a respite from the scorching heat. This is when you need to travel to the North-east India for its magical waterfalls. These are not just pristine and gorgeous but some of them even have an interesting folklore attached to it. Here are 10 of these lovely waterfalls across the seven sister states.

Akashiganga Waterfalls, Assam

Gushing down 140 feet, the Akashiganga Waterfalls is a popular picnic and a pilgrimage spot in Assam. Considered as the largest waterfall in Assam, this one has a mythological story attached to it. When Lord Shiva’s wife Sati self-immolated herself, Lord Vishnu used his Chakra to cut her body. Her head is said to have fallen at this very spot. A small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva has been built at the base and during festivals like Bihu, you will find a lot of people taking a dip in the holy waters of the stream formed by this waterfall.

Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya

Considered to be India’s fifth highest waterfall, you will be quite stunned with the way it drops off a cliff onto a rocky ledge below. It is almost as if it jumps down like the lady who is responsible for its name. As the story goes – Likhai – the lady was a widow with a child till she married again. The jealous husband cooked the child and fed her the food. Realising what he had done, she ran and plunged down the cliff. While you can only see the waterfall from afar, it is enough for you to appreciate the stormy stream that emerges between the greens and falls over.

Langshiang Waterfalls, Meghalaya

At a drop of 1106 feet, the Langshiang Waterfalls in Meghalaya are the third highest waterfalls in India. Formed by the confluence of two streams of the Kynshi River the milky white waters will enthrall you with its lovely panoramic appeal.

Nuranang Falls, Arunachal Pradesh

Also known as Jang Falls or Bong Bong Falls, these waterfalls with their emerald landscape are a photographer’s delight. The multi-tiered fall of water creates a refreshing mist-laden atmosphere that will make you want to stay here longer than you plan to. The waterfalls are named after a local tribal girl who is said to have helped a soldier during the Indo-China war.

The multi-tiered Elephant Falls in Meghalaya

Elephant Falls, Meghalaya

If you are expecting an elephant shaped falls, you would actually be surprised to find none of that. The Elephant Falls in Shillong, Meghalaya were named so by the British who found the original local name complicated. The local name translated to a 3- step waterfall but the British named it after a ledge on the first tier of the fall that resembled the animal. However, the ledge is no longer visible as it has fallen down.

Vantawng Falls, Mizoram

Vantawng Falls are considered to be the highest ones in Meghalaya and make to the top 20 in India. The waterfalls emerge from a dense green forest and fall into a gorge, making it a little difficult to get close to it. You can view it from a vantage point constructed as a viewing platform. The waterfalls have been named after an expert swimmer known to be able to swim in the falls like a fish. He met his end when a log from above fell on his head.

Triple Falls, Nagaland

Three different streams falling down a cliff to form a natural swimming pool – that is what you get when you visit Triple Falls. The surrounding forest reserve is a great place for birdwatchers and trekkers while the pool with its cool waters pleases all. Remember to pack a picnic basket for you might just want to spend an entire day here.

The sunken bed of Dainthlen Falls before it goes over the cliff

The sunken bed of Dainthlen Falls before it goes over the cliff

Dainthlen Falls, Meghalaya

The rugged beauty of the sunken water bed at these waterfalls will fool you into thinking that Dainthlen falls is just a small cascade. The tiny streams of water are quite a force which becomes an even bigger one as they join together as a thundering waterfall at the edge of the cliff. The mist covered waterbed is a fun place to walk around and dip your feet into while you remise the folklore of a man-eating snake called U Thlen who was killed and whose remains is that they say makes the waterbed.

Kanchenjunga Falls, Sikkim

Enroute to the lovely town of Pelling, are these glistening cascades that are said to originate from the glaciers of the highest mountain peak in India – Kanchenjunga. A perennial waterfall, this one is a must for adventure lovers who enjoy rope activities. The rocky terrain with the stream does add that little adrenaline dose to your outing to these waterfalls.

Dambur Waterfalls, Tripura

A waterfall that breaks the silence of the valley, Dambur falls in Tripura is a place that is popular not just with the travellers but also, the locals. The mouth of the falls is considered to be auspicious and is called Tirthamukh. Local folklore has it that there is a footprint of Lord Vishnu around this area. Plan a trip around the Poush Sankranti in July or August to witness and participate in the unique tribal festival – Karchi.


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