• Want to stay somewhere special during your trip to Lofoten? Nothing could be more special or koselig (cosy) than staying at Eliassen Rorbuer, the oldest resort in Lofoten with fishermen’s cabins. Located on the island of Hamnøy, Eliassen Rorbuer is surrounded by the wild and beautiful Lofoten landscape. Each cabin has been fully renovated, maintaining its own unique character and genuine décor.


There are many fisherman’s villages to choose from during your stay in Lofoten, but there were only two I had my eyes on; Hattvika Lodge and Eliassen Rorbuer. I stayed at both of them and enjoyed them equally for different reasons. Each offered something unique, above and beyond the usual things you look when choosing accommodation such as location, cleanliness, facilities, and affordability. Eliassen Rorbuer definitely had a X factor.

Here’s my detailed review about Lofoten’s most picturesque fishing village, plus everything you need to know about staying at Eliassen Rorbuer.

Arriving at Eliassen Rorbuer

Where to stay Lofoten accommodation - Sunset over Eliassen RorbuerAfter spending 4 nights at Hattvika Lodge, it was time to jump back on route E10 and head south for an hour to reach Eliassen Rorbuer. The scenic drive was spectacular as the road hugged the coastline as snaked its way down to Hamnøy island.

As if wanting to create a grand entrance, during the final stretch of road to Hamnøy island the road began to head inland before it suddenly burst back out onto the coastline with glistening blue water to our left and the sun illuminating a series of bright red cabins to our right. We had finally arrived at Eliassen Rorbuer.

The check-in experience alone was unique and a first for me. Instead of heading to reception to pick up your keys, I had received and email ahead of time informing us that we could check-in via their app. In one click, we were checked in and had a map and unique pin code to open our cabin door with. So efficient!

Where to stay Lofoten accommodation - Drone over Eliassen RorbuerThe Eliassen Rorbuer app features a bunch of helpful travel information such as how to prepare for your trip, what to wear, where the nearest supermarket is, tips on getting around, resort facilities, activities available, plus an entire section dedicated to your booking.

During the winter months, the reception has limited opening hours so having this app is very thoughtful as it makes it easy for travellers to check in after a long journey. No need to prearrange a special time to gain access, everything you need is at your fingertips.

Eliassen Rorbuer is well-known for its dramatic waterfront location and is a very popular spot for photographers (guilty as charged), so when it came time to book our cabin only the smaller cabins were available. I was a little worried it would a bit cramped, but I booked it anyway.

All my worries quickly faded, as soon as I stepped inside the cabin. It was at least twice the size I had expected. But, more on that later!

The history of Eliassen Rorbuer

Where to stay Lofoten accommodation - Mountain and Fjords at Eliassen RorbuerAll over Lofoten you’ll find fisherman’s villages made by red or yellow cabins, these were once used to house the hundreds if not thousands of fishermen who came to these parts from all over Norway for the world’s biggest annual cod fishing event.

For over 1,000 years, fishing has been the main industry in Lofoten, especially the catching and processing of stockfish (dried cod). The fish caught were then sent south to Bergen and Trondheim before being exported to Europe and beyond.

The earliest buildings on Hamnøy were built to function as residential, hovedhus (manor houses), and utility buildings. The story of Eliassen Rorbuer started in the mid-1870s when the Wulff-Nilsen and Eliassen families came to Hamnøy and began the business of catching and selling fish. The oldest cabins at Eliassen Rorbuer date back to 1890.

Fishing season at Eliassen Rorbuer

Where to stay Lofoten accommodation - Cod Fish drying on SakrisoyLofoten comes to life and the harbours bustle with activity between January and April when the fishing season is at its peak. Everywhere you go the scent of fish drying naturally on the wooden racks lingers in the air. This is the only place in the world where the climate favours this kind of natural preservation which maintains the full nutritious value of the fish.

Eliassen Rorbuer offer guests the opportunity to enjoy some local delicacies with an Italian twist, at Krambua Restaurant, located near Eliassen Rorbuer on Hamnøy island.

The most picturesque fishing village in Lofoten

Where to stay Lofoten accommodation - Sunrise over Eliassen RorbuerThis is no exaggeration, Eliassen Rorbuer really is postcard perfect and utterly breathtaking. The village is located under towering mountains leaping 1200 metres into the sky. The air is crisp and calm blue waters surround this tranquil island. From our cabin window were gorgeous views over Reinefjord and on our last night I could even see the northern lights from inside the cabin! Less and a minute later I was fully-dressed and out the door to capture nature’s famous light show.

There are plenty of cabins to choose from at Eliassen Rorbuer, each catering to different needs and budgets. The Waterfront Deluxe Cottages are the most popular. These cabins are supported by wooden stilts and hug the water’s edge. They include a lovely outdoor patio with seating, a magical place to enjoy the views over your morning coffee. You’ll struggle to find a more captivating place to stay in Lofoten.

Where to stay Lofoten accommodation - Lounge room at Eliassen RorbuerI was late in the game on booking a waterfront cabin, they were all taken. Instead, I stayed in the Traditional Superior twin-bedroom cottage. As I mentioned earlier, it turned out to be much bigger than I expected. There was a spacious living room with  a large L-shaped sofa, dining area, a fully equipped kitchen with a stove, oven, refrigerator, kettle, and coffee maker. Having a kitchen was wonderful since we could prepare our own meals and save money eating out.

The large bathroom included a shower, toilet, towels, and hairdryer and heated tiles; just one of the things I love about Norway. The bedroom had a bunk bed with welcome chocolates on our pillows, a heater, and window facing the harbour. We had everything we needed for the perfect stay.

Book your stay at Eliassen Rorbuer here

Hamnøy, the home of Eliassen Rorbuer

Where to stay Lofoten accommodation - Yellow cabin at SakrisoyAfter spending 4 days in the municipality of Vestvågøy to the north, it made sense to move south and base ourselves at Eliassen Rorbuer so we could have Flakstad and Moskenes municipalities right on our doorstep.

Your days will be full as you explore the southern tip of Lofoten. Located next to Hamnøy and connected via a bridge is Sakrisøy, an equally small island with lovely yellow fisherman’s cabins. Here you’ll find the Lofoten Toy Museum, the first of its kind in Norway and a Bric-a-brac vintage shop selling old-fashioned objects from all over Lofoten.

Where to stay Lofoten accommodation - Reine

View over Reine

Just 11 minutes drive from Hamnøy is Reine, a larger town considered to be “the most beautiful place in the world”. This is where you’ll find all the necessities including a petrol station and a supermarket.

Reine is also home to Reinebringen, a famous hike with jaw dropping views. For more details on what to see and do in the area, check out my Lofoten travel guide.

Facilities and activities at Eliassen Rorbuer

Where to stay Lofoten accommodation - Northern Lights above Eliassen Rorbuer

During winter, you’ll have 182 days of the year to hunt northern lights or 49 days of the year to enjoy the midnight sun during summer. The choice is yours. Whenever you decide to visit Eliassen Rorbuer, there will always something different to experience.

It might be a small village but there are plenty outdoor and cultural activities on offer. Tours can be organised through Eliassen Rorbuer or directly with the local tour operators. You can rent a boat, catch big fish with local fisherman, rent a bike, go kayaking, diving, or climb the gorgeous Lofoten mountains.

Here are a selection of available tours:

  • Snorkelling trip
  • Scuba diving trip
  • Fishing and sightseeing trip
  • Northern lights tours
  • Ski touring
  • Deep sea rafting
  • Boat and bike rental available via the Eliassen Rorbuer App.


6 Things to know before staying at Eliassen Rorbuer

  • Free high-speed Wi-Fi is available in all cabins and public areas
  • Between October and March, there is an excellent chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Bring your camera and tripod, Eliassen Rorbuer is a great spot for seeing the northern lights directly above the village.
  • There is free off road parking.
  • A shuttle service is available from Leknes Airport to Eliassen Rorbuer which can be arranged in advance
  • Eliassen Rorbuer is in high demand and books out quickly, book months ahead to avoid missing out.

​How to book your stay at Eliassen Rorbuer

Where to stay Lofoten accommodation - Eliassen Rorbuer sunriseEliassen Rorbuer have 35 different fishermen’s cabins to choose from. Each cabin features comfortable beds, heating, cooking facilities, and a private bathroom with lovely heated tiles to keep your tootsies warm. Waterfront cabins with fjord views start at NOK 1290 (148 USD). Bookings can be made directly with Eliassen Rorbuer or online. Check current prices, availability and book your stay at Eliassen Rorbuer here

How to get to Eliassen Rorbuer in Lofoten

There are many different ways to reach Eliassen Rorbuer, but the best way for you will depend on what your plans are and where you’re coming from.

In my guide on how to get to the Lofoten islands, I recommend renting a car to get around.  You can do this at the airport in Leknes, Svolvær, or Harstad/Narvik. Eliassen Rorbuer is very easy to reach by car. If you’re coming from the north ie. Svolvær or Leknes, follow the E10 until you see a large blue road sign pointing to Eliassen Rorbuer. This is just before you cross the bridge into Sakrisøy.

Alternatively, you can hire a car in Bodø and catch the car ferry over to Moskenes, from here it’s just a 15 minute drive to Eliassen Rorbuer. For the latest timetable and prices check www.thn.no.

Eliassen  Rorbuer is located at 8390 Hamnøy, Norway and can be contacted on +47 4581 4845 or via email at [email protected]rorbuer.no

For more details on getting to Lofoten, visit my guide.

Best time to visit Eliassen Rorbuer

The best time to visit Eliassen Rorbuer is now! Eliassen Rorbuer is a place you’ll want to come back to and experience all it has to offer both in the warm summer months magical winter months. For more details about Lofoten and the best time to visit, check out my Lofoten travel tips guide.


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