Railways Passenger Attention! Railway has made a new rule, know immediately


Indian Railways Latest Update: There is big news for the passengers traveling by train. Many times it happens that we are not able to get train ticket in a hurry or travel without ticket, so now a special update has been issued by the Railways for such passengers. Has been done. Although it is impossible to travel in a train without a ticket, but for this some new rules have been made by the Railways, so that you can make your journey easier.

Can travel like this

Let us tell you that if you have very important work and you do not have a ticket, then in such a situation you can board the train by taking a platform ticket and then later you can get your ticket made from TTE. In this situation TTE makes your ticket easily.

Fine imposed by railways

Let us tell you that many times people are caught traveling without ticket. Now the Railways has implemented the provision of punishment and fine for this. If someone is caught traveling without a ticket, he will have to pay a fine.

Railway told what will happen if you travel without ticket

Railway has implemented the provision of penalty for people traveling without ticket, in which the passenger is fined under section 138. Railways has said that if you are caught traveling without a ticket. So you can be fined in 2 ways.

1. If the passenger is caught without a ticket, the fare will be charged according to the distance.

2. Passenger will be charged the fare from the place he has traveled till he is apprehended.

How much fine will be charged

For traveling without a ticket, the railway charges fare according to the distance. Let us tell you that 250 more rupees are taken from you in this fine. Along with this, the normal fare of the train is also recovered.


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