Railways gave the biggest gift to the passengers regarding the ticket, the passengers were delighted to hear


Indian Railways: There is relief news for thousands of people traveling by trains from Indian Railways. Now you will not need to go back and forth to TT to confirm your waiting or RST ticket. The TT is being provided with a hand held terminal device, which will automatically allot the vacant berths in the train to the waiting passengers. 

There is important news for railway passengers. Now you will not have to worry about the ticket confirmation. You will no longer have to request TT to confirm waiting or RAC tickets in a moving train. A decision of the Ministry of Railways has brought a big relief to thousands of passengers traveling on waiting (window ticket) and RAC tickets in trains. Actually, Railways is going to provide Hand Held Terminal Device to TT of Premium, Mail and Express trains. Railways has already started this. Let us tell you that these HHT devices will be automatically confirmed according to the vacant berth waiting or RAC number and category.

Railway’s big decision

It is worth noting that Indian Railways had earlier given HHT devices to TTs in some premium trains (Rajdhani, Shatabdi) under a pilot project. This brought great relief to the passengers. Due to this, after the waiting or RAC ticket chart of the passengers were automatically confirmed in the moving train and messages reached them. After this, after its success, Indian Railways has given 5850 HHT devices to TT in 559 trains. According to the information given by the Railways, gradually the device will be installed in all Mail Express trains along with premium trains.

Device test

Railway Board said that 523604 reservations were made in a day in the moving train, in which 242825 tickets were checked with HHT device in the moving train. Of these, more than 18 thousand RACs and more than nine thousand waiting tickets were confirmed. According to the Ministry of Railways, there are 12.5 lakh reservations per day on normal days. In such a situation, if the tickets are checked with HHT devices in mail, express trains, then the number of confirmed tickets will increase.

How is the checking done now?

Let us tell you that now in many trains, they check tickets by taking TT charts. The berth on which the passenger does not reach, is marked and given to the person waiting or RAC. But seat allotting in this depends on the TT. There have been many such cases in which TTs bargain in the name of getting a confirmed seat.


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