Western Railway has also decided to continue with 7 pairs of festival trains. Booking of these trains can be done from the ticket counter and the official website of IRCTC from today. Some of these trains will run till the first week of February.

new Delhi. In view of the increasing demand for train travel, Western Railway has announced the continuation of 7 pairs of Festival Special Trains. While giving information about this on Wednesday, the Railways said that in view of the increase in passenger convenience and travel demand, the Railways has decided to continue with 7 pairs of festival special trains.

Western Railway has decided to continue with two pairs of trains between Ahmedabad-Yesvantpur and Gandhidham-KSR Bangalore. Apart from this, five special festival special trains will run between Jodhpur-KSR Bangalore, Ajmer-Mysore, Yesvantpur-Jaipur, KSR Bangalore-Ajmer and KSR-Jodhpur.

Train number 06501 running from Ahmedabad to Yesvantpur will run every Tuesday at 06:40 pm. The next day this train will reach Yesvantpur at 04:45 am. Railway says that this train will run till this time till 2 February 2021. Similarly, train number 06502 will run from Yesvantpur every Sunday at 01:30 pm and will reach Ahmedabad at 2:20 pm. This train will be run till 31 January 2021.

Train number 06505 running from Gandhidham to KSR Bangalore will run every Tuesday from 9 am to reach the next day i.e. Wednesday at 11:10 pm. This train will also run till 2 February 2021. At the same time, train number 06506 from KSR Bangalore will reach Gandhidham every Saturday at 10:15 am and reach Gandhidham at 11 am on the third day. This train will run till 30 January 2021.

Booking for train numbers 06501 and 06505 will begin today i.e. December 24. To travel through these trains, tickets can be booked from the ticket counter and IRCTC website.

Only reserved trains will be run

Earlier this month, the Railway Ministry rejected the media reports which said that unreserved tickets would be issued. The Ministry has issued an official statement saying that no policy has been changed to run express trains. This includes festival and clone special trains. For the time being, only fully reserved trains will be run.

How many trains are running at present?

Currently, Rail is running 736 special trains and 20 special clone trains. Apart from this, Kolkata is also running 200 service trains for Metro and 2,000 local trains for Mumbai suburban. After the lockdown was imposed across the country from March 24 this year, the railways suspended all trains.


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