Railways announced this big announcement regarding waiting list rules, tickets will be available easily 

Keeping in mind the Corona epidemic, at present the Railways has completely stopped the waiting ticket system in trains. In such a situation, if you do not have a confirmed ticket, then you cannot travel in the train. At the same time, railway is also continuously working on how to reduce the waiting list in trains. Meanwhile, the railway has given big information to the passengers about the waiting list (waiting list) tickets. In the coming time it will be easy to get tickets through this system. 

Railways gave this information

Railways said that many reports in the media said that there will be no waiting list from 2024 or confirmed tickets will be available by 2024. This is not entirely correct. Indian Railways made it clear that efforts are being made to increase the capacity of trains to provide seats according to the demand in trains. This will reduce the chances of passengers coming on the waiting list. 

This is why the waiting list is made

From the railway side it was said that the waiting list is such a system which always remains. When the demand made by passengers in a train exceeds the number of berths or available seats, a waiting list is made. This provision is not being terminated. A ‘waiting list’ is a system that acts as a buffer to reduce demand and availability fluctuations.     

It was easy to get a confirmed ticket 

Indian Railways decided to run a clone train shortly before to provide confirmed tickets to railway passengers, which was quite successful. According to the Railway Ministry, this experiment done on behalf of the railways in the coronary period was quite useful and people also got a lot of help from it. According to the chairman of the Railway Board, the use of the clone train has been successful so far and based on this, it has been decided that the clone train will continue to run even after the coronary period. 

Seat occupancy seat occupancy in clone train in clone train

According to the news, the occupancy in these cloned trains currently being run by Indian Railways ranges from 72 percent to 80 percent. It says that usually the railway will run a clone train on the route where the waiting list ticket is more than 150%. Clone train Due to strong demand for tickets on a route, an extra train is run on the same route as the original train.

20 pair train started in September 20 pair train started in September

Indian Railways started running 20 pairs of clone trains in September. Clone trains mainly carry AC-3 coaches. These trains run with less stops, higher speed and before actual trains. This has brought great relief and comfort to those traveling in an emergency or at the last minute. Then most of the cloned trains were ready to run between UP, Bihar, Delhi, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.


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