Passengers will get the fun of high-speed entertainment in Delhi Metro, full HD movie of 2 hours will be downloaded in 2 seconds


Delhi Metro: People are going to get full enjoyment of entertainment very soon in Delhi Metro. In this, it will take just 2 seconds for people to download a movie of 2 hours.

Delhi Metro: Passengers of Delhi Metro are going to get a new facility very soon, in which they will get to enjoy high speed entertainment without any internet connectivity. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) in collaboration with Japanese company HRCP has started a trial of a hi-tech service. In this new facility, people will take just 2 seconds to download a movie of 2 hours.

Delhi Metro has tied up with this company

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has started field trials for a hi-tech entertainment “Content Distribution Eco-System Service” to provide high-speed entertainment to the people. DMRC has partnered with a Japanese tech firm HRCP for this. With this new age technology, people without internet will get the facility of content transfer to mobile devices at speeds up to 400 times faster than 4G.

DMRC said that through this new facility, passengers will also be able to download a full HD movie of two hours in just 2 seconds. With this service, people will have great convenience during the journey. Once the content is downloaded, they will easily get entertainment during the journey without any buffering.

facility will also be available here

HRCP said in a statement that after Metro, this facility will be extended to all other transportation modes as well. In which trains, airplanes and long drives are also included.

how to use

Users have to connect a dongle (connected to the mobile) to a touch point (transfer device) to use this new feature, so that you can easily download the content to the mobile phone. In this app, people will get a collection of popular movies as well as games. 

During the trial, these special dongles will be distributed among some employees of DMRC as well as some corporates. DMRC will trial this service for the next 30 days and according to the feedback, HRCP will start this service for all by the end of next year. In future, this service being provided through dongles will be embedded in mobile phones.



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