IRCTC: Now travelers will be able to get treatment along with traveling! Know how to take advantage of this package


To get the medical tourism package, customers will first have to visit the tourism portal of IRCTC. Complete information has to be given by filling a form. After this the IRCTC team will call you and after that the rest of the process will be completed.

IRCTC is constantly trying to give impetus to tourism. A few days ago, many new packages were started by IRCTC. In this episode, a different kind of package has been brought this time. Actually, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation has brought online medical tourism package this time to increase the options of its travel and tour package.

IRCTC has partnered on a pilot basis with a medico-technical online service company, which will provide various medical and wellness packages as well as complete back-end services to the customers. Customers can take advantage of IRCTC’s wellness package. Let us tell you that medical value, complete experience and travel have been taken care of in these packages.

Learn how to take advantage

To avail this facility of IRCTC, first of all customers have to visit the tourism portal of IRCTC. You login to afterwards

Indicate your needs for treatment and fill out a form. Then IRCTC team will call you. convenience andbudget According to this, the treatment options for the disease will be told. It will then help with treatment as well as handling the back-end arrangements for the customers.

India at the forefront of Asia in Medical Value Travel

Let us tell you that India is one of the most sought after destination in Asia for medical value travel. The country has made great strides in the field of modern medicine over the past few decades and has created a strong eco-system for holistic health, which integrates modern healthcare system care, its alternative medicine.

Around 6.97 lakh tourists came to India for treatment in 2019

According to data from the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), around 6.97 lakh medical tourists came to India for treatment in 2019. According to the data, by 2023, India will account for 6 per cent of the global medical value tourism (MVT) market.

Significantly, state-of-the-art medical facilities of about 500 hospitals, nursing homes and more than 1,000 diagnostic centers across the country are being made available under this medical tourism. Along with this, guidance and assistance is also being provided to the customers to choose medical facilities for the treatment of their ailments as per their choice, convenience and budget.



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