In traveling by Indian Railways, now you have to pay attention to your negligence, mistakes and activity. 

If you make mistakes or are found to be doing wrong actions, then you may have to pay heavy fines. Not only this, you may have to face jail for 14 years. There are laws made in the Railway Act, but it is often seen that passengers do not follow them. As a responsible passenger, you have to deal in rail.

An eye will be kept at the station

The railway station administration along with the Railway Protection Force will keep an eye on those who spread the dirt. If you are caught on the spot, you will be fined 500 rupees. There is a special emphasis on cleanliness in the station campus. Passengers are being given a message about cleanliness.

Such actions will be costly

If you accidentally cross the railway line, spread dirt in the railway campus, pull the chain, fight in the railway campus, go ahead from the platform towards the train and look like doing a peek, then in the category of crime Come. There are provisions in the Railway Act for this.

Forcible train stop is a big crime

If you forcefully stop the train then it is considered a big crime and its punishment is also big. If you do so under the Railway Act, you can be imprisoned for 14 years in the FIR registered. Apart from this, there is a provision of both fines and punishment in the campus for loud talking, quarreling and indecent behavior. (Reuters)

Going beyond the limit will make the train look expensive

If you are standing at the edge of the platform and peeping ahead of the fixed line, then improve this habit. This activity has been included in the category of crime. Please tell, yellow lines or yellow stones are installed from the platform edge to one and a half feet. The rule is to stand outside the yellow line when the train arrives. This negligence carries a penalty of 500 rupees or one month under section 147 of the Railway Act. (PTI)

Do not try to sit in a female coach

Many times it is seen that when the male passengers get crowded in the train, they enter the female coach or the disabled coach. Do not do this. In such a situation, action can be taken against you under Section 162 of the Railway Act and Section 155 for non-disabled passengers in Divyang coaches. You can face a fine of Rs 500 or a jail term of one month.

Non-essential chain pull penalty of Rs 1000


Many times people unnecessarily pull the chain while traveling away from the station. On doing so, there is a fine of Rs 1000 and imprisonment for three months. The Three Railway Protection Act provides for a three-year sentence for stealing railway property.





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