Before Durga Puja, if you want to pay obeisance in the temples of South India, then prepare. Railways will run pilgrimage special train for you. Passengers will not have to change trains frequently. From Tirupati to Kanyakumari, every pilgrimage place will be able to reach from this and homecoming will also happen.

IRCTC will run Dakshin Bharat Pilgrimage Special train from 21st September for the pilgrims of Jharkhand-Bengal. For 10 nights and 11 days journey, each passenger will have to pay Rs 10395. The coaches of the pilgrimage special running for the general passengers will be of sleeper. Along with Dhanbad, pilgrims from Asansol, Bokaro, Ranchi and Tata will also be able to travel in this train. From where the passengers will board, there will also be facility to reach the same station in return. Very soon IRCTC will start online booking for this train.

Train will take you to these pilgrimage places

Kanyakumari, Madurai, Rameswaram, Tirupati and Trivandrum

Accommodation, food and other amenities included

IRCTC packages include accommodation at pilgrimage sites, morning to night catering and station-to-destination transport services. There will be no separate fee for these. Travelers will neither have to find a place to stay nor worry about food and drink after reaching the pilgrimage sites. Bus fare will also not have to be paid for pick up and bring back from the station. However, for visiting the temple in the middle of the sea in Kanyakumari, the passenger will have to pay the water ship fee. Other expenses incurred in the temples will also be borne by the travellers.

The entire process of booking the Dakshin Bharat Yatra special train will be online only. Booking will start in a day or two. Travelers can also book from IRCTC’s Tourist Facilitation Center if they want.


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