New Delhi: Indian Railways: If you travel by train, you can get a discount (Train Ticket Rebate), and this discount will be given by the railways themselves. In fact, due to the Korana crisis, seats are still going vacant in trains, and the railway is giving fares to its passengers to avoid losses. So that the passengers get facility in the journey and if the seats are not empty, then the railway bag should also be filled.

10% discount on empty berth of trains

Now a chart is prepared before the scheduled time of departure of a train, in which if the berth is empty with the railways, then they will give 10 percent discount on it. Its benefit will be available on the ticket taken half an hour before the train leaves. Meaning if the seats in the train are empty and you take a ticket by going online (IRCTC) or counter half an hour before the departure of the train, you will get a discount of 10 percent. This facility has started being available in all special trains including the chairpersons of Intercity.

Railways are not getting passengers!

Actually, passengers are not getting confirmed tickets on some routes, but there are also many routes where railway passengers are craving. Because of which the railway is either canceling those trains or their trips are being reduced.

The scheme started in 2017

Actually, this rule of 10 percent discount was implemented on 1 January 2017, it was introduced with trains like Rajdhani / Duronto / Shatabdi. After this, the railways introduced this facility in all reserve class trains.

Rules for 10% discount

How will you get this discount on train tickets, the railway has already cleared its way.

1. The discount of 10 percent will be available on the basic fare of the last ticket after the first chart is made

2. There will be no discount in the reservation fees, superfast charge and service tax, etc. The traveler will have to pay it.

3. 10 percent discount on those vacant seats. Also found by TTE will be allotted





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