Flights will be available for Mumbai, Bangalore Indigo Airlines News: Enjoy cheap flights from Bareilly, flights will be available for Mumbai, Bangalore for seven days

Flight Services: Star Air flight will connect these two cities of Maharashtra! read details here
Flight Services: Star Air flight will connect these two cities of Maharashtra! read details here

Bareilly, Jnn. Indigo Airlines News : Private sector airline Indigo has increased facilities for passengers traveling from Bareilly Airport. Private sector IndiGo airline has slashed the base fare for flights to and from Mumbai on August 12 and Bengaluru on August 14.The people of Bareilly have also started getting the benefit of this in booking.

In the new schedule, Indigo airline has expanded flights from Mumbai airport to Bangalore airport, while flights from Bareilly to Bengaluru airport have been extended to Mumbai airport.

Airbus will take off from Mumbai at 9.23 am on 12th August, reach Bareilly airport at 11.30 am, will take off from Bareilly at 12.30 pm and reach Mumbai at 2.40 pm. The schedule was released for Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

But IndiGo is offering passengers traveling from Bareilly airport to Bangalore for Monday and Wednesday flights to Mumbai after an hour-long stop at Bengaluru airport.

Similarly, on August 14, Airbus will take off from Bangalore at 8.40 am to reach Bareilly at 11.30 am and then take off from Bareilly at 12.30 pm to reach Bangalore at 3.20 pm. In the ongoing schedule of IndiGo, nonstop flights are given on Monday, Wednesday and

Saturday. Now in the new schedule, on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, only those traveling in the flight reaching Mumbai airport are providing the facility to fly to Bangalore airport.

Enjoy cheap flight in August…

Indigo airline has made flying more affordable for passengers with the addition of Mumbai and Bengaluru routes from Bareilly airport in August. The fare for Mumbai route has been reduced by Rs 1713. Whereas the flight to Bangalore has become cheaper by Rs 2665.

Flight Route First Fare Now Fare

Seventeen more cities will be connected by connecting flight

Indigo airline claims that the connecting flights will be Ahmedabad, Chennai, Goa, Jaipur, Kolkata, Nagpur, Raipur, Bhubaneshwar, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Lucknow, Patna, Chandigarh, Delhi, Indore, Kochi, Mangaluru, Pune, and Varanasi. It is claimed to connect Thiruvananthapuram.

Delhi flight continues from ATR-72

At present, the government sector Alliance Air is flying ATR-72 to Delhi from Bareilly Airport. First IndiGo was to fly to Mumbai from April 29, while for Bengaluru from May 1. But the flight could not start due to non-receipt of NOC from the Ministry of Defense and Trishul airbase.

New schedules have been released. Private company is also giving full cooperation to give cheap flight to the people. Our preparations are complete for organizing long distance flight



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