Most people like to visit different places. Do you also like to see new places? But is it going to cost more ..? But today I have told you here about ten places in India. It will cost you less than five thousand rupees to go here. And look at those places now.

Rishikesh is a must visit place. River rafting on the river Ganga is very good. It is only 229 km from Delhi. Bus facility is also easy.

Kasauli is the best place to stay in the hill station. It is easily accessible by train from Delhi. You can see this place for less than five thousand rupees.

It is a very small and very beautiful hill station. It is just 250 km from Delhi.

This place is also a must see. Can go over at low cost. The whole place is filled with spirituality. This is great for taking photos.

Binsar can reach Delhi in just 9 hours. This place is very famous. There are also beautiful birds here.

This place is very famous. Is so beautiful over. It attracts a lot of tourists.

Kanya Kumari:
Not to mention specifically about Kanyakumari. Many people also travel here from far and wide to watch the sunrise. It is located at a distance of 85 km from Trivandrum.

People from neighboring countries also come to see Varanasi. There are many places to see the river Ganga and temples.

McLeod Ganj:
Those who are close to Delhi must visit this place. This place is great to see.

More and more tourists are coming to see Hampi day by day. Really must see this place too. Great to see Humpy so be sure to watch the win if you have time.


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