Cheap Asia Countries visit: 4 affordable places for honeymoon; Husband will have to keep only this much money and it will be a good foreign tour

6 tips for first-time travellers
6 tips for first-time travellers

Cheap Asia Countries visit with Partner: Asia is such a place, where traveling in countries is considered to be the cheapest, if you are planning on honeymoon, then you can choose your honeymoon destination in some countries of Asia.

As you all know that the wedding season is going on, in such a situation, couples start planning for honeymoon even before taking seven rounds. Where to go, how to go, where to stay, what to see, all these questions definitely come to mind before finding a best destination. Nowadays, due to inflation, most of the places make the pocket loose in terms of roaming, in such a situation, the dream of most of the couples to go abroad remains a dream.

But there are some foreign places, on hearing the name of which you will say that they will be expensive, but let us tell you, these places are counted among the cheapest countries in the world. For most of the Indian people, for us Indians, these countries are as cheap as you would get a place in your own country. So let us tell you what is the delay, about those cheap countries.

Vietnam​ (1 rupee = 287.85 dong)

Vietnam boasts of many best places in itself. There are rice terraces, magnificent temples and beaches spread over about 3 thousand km, which remind people of Maldives. Ho Chi Minh’s tunnels will immerse you in the country’s history, while its long list of bars and restaurants will compel you to taste something. Here are the royal karst mountains, whose caves, sinkholes and water gushing through the valley will keep you immersed in its beauty.

Indonesia ​(1 rupee = 185.01 rupees)

In the countries of Asia, after Vietnam, now comes Indonesia, where honeymoon couples go for the most. You will get to see hundreds of active volcanic places here, not only this, there are many other places that are mesmerizing in their beauty. Like the blue beach and the sand scattered all around there gives a romantic feel. Bali If you are coming to visit, then you can stay in Dream Resorts here, there are many hotels and resorts which give many offers to newly wed couples. Here you can also enjoy jungle safari in many national parks.

Cambodia​ (1 Rupee = 49.32 Riel)

Cambodia is surrounded by the Mekong River and its beautiful beaches. Not only this, this place is inhabited by majestic religious places. The world’s largest temples are also located in this country, if you have seen the photos of Cambodia, then you must have seen the Angkor Wat place. The sun rises right behind the tower here during summer. Here you can also enjoy elephant ride, ride on bamboo carts in Battambang.

Armenia ​(1 rupee = 4.719 drams)

By now you must have heard the well-known names, but have heard the name of the place Armenia, which is quite famous for its breathtaking medieval architecture. Here in Kotak is the monastery of Geghard, which is situated on a high rock. Not only this, so much fresh water comes from the mountains of Armenia that you can drink water from anywhere or fill a water bottle. One can also visit the Biblical Mount of Ararat, where one can see the entire cultivation of fresh grapes. One can also enjoy the world’s longest double-track cable car, about 1,000 feet above the ground, which shows people a paradise with a five-kilometer long journey.


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