Big news about bullet train came to the fore, know when its trial will start


    There was a lot of discussion about the bullet train in the 2014 general elections. After the formation of the BJP government at the center, it was expected that soon one would get to ride the bullet train.

    However, the government also wants that India’s first bullet train should come on track as soon as possible. This train will run between Mumbai to Ahmedabad. Different dates have been announced many times regarding this. But this time the Managing Editor of National High-Speed ​​Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) Rajendra Prasad himself has told when the bullet train will start.

    NHSRCL’s Managing Editor Rajendra Prasad has told that the work of bullet train will be completed in the next 5 years i.e. by 2027. Trial run will be done between Surat to Bilimora till June 2026. He said that the construction work is going on fast and so far 220 km piling work has been completed.

    A matter of pride for the country

    Prasad said, “There are many indigenous parts which are being used in the construction of the rail project and it is a matter of pride for the country. We are working 24 hours. The piling work of 220 km has been completed. We are confident that by June 2026, the Bilimora trial run will be done from Surat.

    Our engineers will take training from Japan

    MD Prasad of NHSRCL said that Maharashtra government has cooperated a lot in land acquisition and till now 98 percent land acquisition has been completed. He said that the tender has been taken out and civil engineering work will start soon in Maharashtra.

    On India-Japan collaboration in the bullet train project, Prasad said, “Japan Shinkansen train has zero fatality rate and has a track record of safety. The quality of Japan is known to the world. Our engineers will also receive training in Japan.

    Japan has given a very cheap loan.

    The country’s first bullet train project will connect India’s economic center Mumbai with Ahmedabad city. The ceremony to start the work took place on 14 September 2017. As a part of the agreement between India and Japan, the Government of Japan will provide a soft loan of about 88 thousand crore rupees. A nominal interest will be charged on this loan at the rate of 0.1 percent. The loan repayment period is 50 years.



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