Akasa Air Update: Ticket booking starts for Akasa Air, the first flight will be on August 7, know the route list and fare


Akasa Air Latest Update:  The wait for Akasa Air to take off is about to end. Flight booking has also started from today. Akasa Air, which is invested by the stock market’s ‘bigbull’ Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, will make its first flight on August 7. The first flight with the Boeing 737 MAX plane will be for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route.

information given by the company

Akasa Air has given this information by issuing a statement on Friday. The company has said in its statement that we have started selling tickets for 28 flights. Under this, the first flight is being started on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route on August 7 and on the Bangalore-Kochi route from August 13.

Two new aircraft will arrive every month

Praveen Iyer, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Akasa Air, said, “We are starting operations with the new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft with flights between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. We will work on our network expansion plan in a phased manner. Gradually we will add new cities. We are going ahead with the plan to add two new aircraft to our fleet every month.

Recently approved 

Akasa Air has also recently got approval from DGCA. It is noteworthy that before commencing commercial operation, Akasa Air had applied for Air Operator Permit from the regulator DGCA of the airlines sector. Not only this, to satisfy Aviation Regulator DGCA to obtain Air Operator Certificate, Akasa Air’s Proving Flight flew several times in the Proving Flight under test with DGCA officials as Passengers and Crabin Crew. The member had traveled. On June 21, 2022, Akasa Air’s first aircraft Boeing 737 Max landed at Delhi Airport.

New dress launched for crew members

Earlier, Akasa recently launched a new dress for its crew member. This dress has also been designed in a unique way. The shoe has also been specially designed. The company has claimed to make the dress eco-friendly.

ongoing interviews

On one hand, where the company’s flight is about to take off, on the other hand the company is also doing new hiring fast. There were also reports in the media that employees of old airlines are taking sick leave to give interviews in new companies. But the company has made it clear by putting a tweet


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