Bali is one of the most awaited destinations for many tourists. As the endearing view of the island steals the heart of the many. The distinctive name for Bali “Islands of the gods” is totally drool worthy. The golden beaches and azure seas make it a perfect scenery. Bali is in the middle of Indonesia and is most definitely the real charm of Indonesia. The magical island and beaches make it a paradise on its own, which is why there are plenty of things to do in Bali. Kids, families, couples, group of friends, food lovers, Bali surprises and entertain them all.

35 Things To Do In Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a destination all nature and architecture lovers enjoy. While you’re exploring this gorgeous island nation, go diving in the blue waters, surface on tides, or take a cooking class.

  • Padang Bai – Diving
  • Tegalalang Rice Terrace – Spend A Day
  • Beaches – Surfing
  • Tanah Lot Temple – Visit
  • Uluwatu Temple – Visit
  • Beach Clubs – Have Some Fun
  • Holy Water – Take A Bath
  • Cooking Class
  • Balinese Cuisine – Relish
  • Spa – Indulge In
  • Bali Treetop Adventure Park – Adventure
  • Bebek Bengil – Lunch
  • Yoga Barn – Rejuvenate
  • Tanjung Benoa – Jetpacking
  • Sidemen – Quality Time
  • Celuk – Buy Silver
  • Kecak Dance – Enjoy
  • Tabanan – See The Paddy Fields
  • Monkey Forest – Visit
  • Bali Zoo
  • Ulun Danu Temple – Visit
  • Candidasa – Explore
  • Amed – Snorkeling
  • Sukawati – Discover A Hidden Waterfall
  • Ubud – Learn About The Culture
  • Chocolate Factory – Visit
  • Mount Batur – Trek
  • Ayung River – White River Rafting
  • Kuta – Experience The Nightlife
  • Sanur – Enjoy Watersports
  • Nusa Dua – Indulge In Luxury
  • Menjangan Island – Spend A Day
  • Nyepi – Join In The Celebrations
  • Gili Islands – Stay In A Water Villa
  • Lake Toba – Go Swimming

1. Padang Bai- Diving

deep sea diving

Padang Bai is most famous for muck diving, it is situated in the east of Bali. You can be damn sure that this diving experience can be one for a lifetime, and Padang Bali is among the best Bali attractions to try this. The serenity of the ocean will definitely leave you speechless. There are 7 different diving sites that can be easily reached by a boat. You can get a chance meet many sea animals including sharks.

2. Tegalalang Rice Terrace- Spend A Day

rice fields

Rice terrace by name might not sound very interesting but these rice paddies make such an endearing design that creates lush green scenery and makes this place one of the top 10 places in Ubud. You should definitely not miss a walk here. Also visit the Jatiluwih rice terrace near Tanah lot temple.

Timings: Open 24 hour Entry Fee: IDR 15,000 (INR 74)

3. Beaches- Surfing


Surfing is one of the most adventurous water sports and is a mind blowing experience. Yes, Bali is not only peaceful and serene but is adventurous also. On one hand its beauty never gets tried by calming people on the other it gives its tourist one of the best surfing spots ever. It is among the best things to do in Bali for both beginners and experienced surfers.

4. Tanah Lot Temple- Visit

A gorgeous temple amid water

Image Source
Time to go a little devotional! Well this temple is the most iconic temple in the land of Bali, it is surrounded by sea and picturizes the beautiful sunset. The sea waves continuously hit the surface of the temple, the scenery is simply breath taking. Visit it at dawn and enjoy the colours spreading some magic in the skies. This makes it one of the best Bali tourist attractions.

Timings: 7:00 AM to 7:00 pm Entry Fee: IDR 60(INR 0.30) for adults; IDR 30(INR 0.15) for children

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5. Uluwatu Temple- Visit

Uluwatu temple

Perched on a cliff edge in the southwestern Bukit peninsula, Uluwatu is among the most important sea temples of Bali. This temple also shares a splendid sunset view. This temple is located on the hill top with a perfect sea view facing it. Hills plus the sea – can anything be better than this, no for sure nothing can be more enchanting. Let the serenity of the landscape and the positive vibes from the spiritual spot calm you in and out. No doubt as to why it is considered one of the best Bali tourist attractions.

Timings: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Entry Fee: IDR 30(INR 0.15) for adults; IDR 20(INR 0.099) for children

6. Beach Clubs- Have Some Fun

beach bar and club

Why not enjoy a little hopping around- Bali has beaches and happening beach clubs simply tag along. Its time to show your moves and leave everyone awed! Why not have a little party with your buddies or make new friends while you chug down beer- Its up to you; the clubs wont disappoint in any case.

The amazing view, Sea shore, Sand along with the light and sound will definitely make your evening, which is why it is among the top things to do in Bali. To add a little more colour dont forget to get yourself a drink.

7. Holy Water- Take A Bath

Take a bath in the Holy Water

Bali is well-known for its rich local culture, it has many temples and rivers that make this land pure. But Pura Tirta Empul is a very special and most renowned place for Balinese worshipers. It is said that this water helps to purify one’s mind, body and soul. The devotion will just give peace to your inner self. The positive vibes in the area will soothe you.
As a traveller, to miss the opportunity to bathe in this holy water and purify yourself in a spiritual ceremony, is extremely unfortunate. You should definitely keep some time for a visit.

Some temples you can visit in Bali: Tirta Empul Water Temple, Tanah lot temple, Uluwatu temple, and Ullun Danu Temple.

8. Cooking Class

cooking class

Ubud is very popular for half day or full day cooking classes, at a very cheap price. You can take a walk in the farms harvesting fresh ingredients for cooking. Enjoy a cooking spree with the fresh ingredients and then dig into the food you prepare! Joining a cooking class is among the most delightful things to do in Bali with kids.

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9. Balinese Cuisine- Relish

Bali food

Obviously the island is famous for the seafood, if you are here and you are missing out on tasting the authentic cuisine, then your trip is not successful. While you’re exploring Bali, you can go for seafood in Sanur restaurant, dinner with family in Jimbaran, and traditional food at Warung Baljong. Trying the delicious food of Bali is definitely among the best things to do in Bali.

10. Spa- Indulge In

Bali spa

Balinese spa is like a lemon to your soda, this is a perfect way to pamper yourself. The spa options in Bali are endless. You can enjoy a romantic couple activity or can relax by yourself. Luxurious aroma therapies and massages in Balinese traditional style are a pure bliss awaiting you. In fact, indulging into a revitalising spa therapy is among the best things to do in Bali Seminyak and Kuta.


11. Bali Treetop Adventure Park- Adventure

Treetop adventure activities

Image Source

Bali is a place that caters to all kinds of travelers. It is ideal for families, honeymooners, friends, etc. Those seeking an adventurous experience here, won’t be disappointed either. Bali Treetop Adventure Park is one of those places that you can visit with your entire family for a great picnic experience. There are various activities that can be tried out here. You’ll find swings, nets, and will also get to take part in Flying Fox.

12. Bebek Bengil- Lunch

Bebek Bengil

Image Source

This is one of the most-visited restaurants in Ubud. ‘Bebek Bengil’ translates to ‘Dirty Duck’ in Indonesian language, as the specialty of this restaurant is considered to be the duck that is available in various dishes. One of the most sought-after dishes in this restaurant is Bebek Betutu, broth-boiled and made savory with herbs and spices.

Timings: 10:00 AM-10:00 PM


13. Yoga Barn- Rejuvenate

2 women doing Yoga

Image Source

If you want to relax and rejuvenate yourself while exploring the different places in Bali, then this is where you should come. Yoga Barn is situated at a secluded area, amidst peaceful environs and therefore a great session is a given. The sessions are quite enlightening and relaxing, thanks to the amazing professionals that’ll be attending you.

14. Tanjung Benoa- Jetpacking

Man Jetpacking

Image Source

When it comes to water sports, visiting Tanjung Benoa is the ideal thing to do. There are various activities that you can try out here and jetpacking is considered to be the most-preferred one. Imagine undergoing a flying experience, 10 meters above the water for almost 20 minutes. Some professional instructors will always be around to help you have a memorable experience.

Timings: 9:30 AM-4:00 PM

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15. Sidemen- Quality Time

Mountains and river

Image Source

This place is not that famous but deserves popularity. This place is set amidst the peaceful atmosphere and brings you quite closer to nature. The lush-green fields and breathtaking mountainous backdrop make this an ideal place to spend some quality time at. You can even visit this place to go for trekking in the nearby regions.

16. Celuk- Buy Silver

Silver necklace

Image Source

Celuk is a popular village that is established at Sukawati. This village is renowned for its extremely talented silversmiths. This village is located at a distance of 30 minutes from the town of Ubud. there are various silver studios here that you can visit to get some trinkets made for yourself or for the purpose of gifting. This will be like a perfect souvenir you’ll be taking back from Bali.

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17. Kecak Dance- Enjoy

Kecak dance in Bali

Image Source

Bali is one of the places in the world that attracts people essentially through its culture and traditions. There are many folk dances and other activities that keep happening here and Kecak dance is considered to be the most famous. This dance form saw its development during the 1930s. Interestingly, this dane is based on the epic Ramayana and therefore is one of the things you must witness in Bali.

18. Tabanan- See The Paddy Fields

Rice fields in Bali

Image Source

Tabanan’s paddy fields make for a tourist site that one should definitely visit. The eye-pleasing landscape at Tabanan will take your breath away. Watching the paddies under the sunlight will be an elevating experience for the tourists. Moreover, you’ll also get the opportunity to learn how rice is harvested in the island of Bali.

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19. Monkey Forest- Visit

Monkey in bali

Image Source

Since the island of Bali is known for its religious and cultural richness, visiting the places that highlight this aspect is a must. Monkey Forest is one such place. It is basically a complex of a Hindu Temple located in the town of Ubud. there are more than 500 monkeys in this complex and you’ll find three temples here that date back to the 14th century.

Timings: 8:30 AM–5:30 PM
Entry Fee: IDR 80(INR 0.39) for adults; IDR 60(INR 0.30) for children

20. Bali Zoo

girl playing with a monkey in a zoo

Image Source

Bali Zoo lies in Gianyar Regency and here you can witness the majestic animals of Southeast Asia. To make the different species of animals feel that they are in their natural habitat, they haven’t been kept in cages, rather they enclosed within an open area that has been set according to their needs. You can witness animals like elephants, rhinoceros, tigers, and a variety of birds.

Timings: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Entry Fee: IDR 355,500 (INR 1753) for adults; IDR 229,500(INR 1132)

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21. Ulun Danu Temple-Visit

Bali temple

One of the most peaceful, pious and serene places in Bali the Ulun Danu Temple is situated at the edge of Baratan Lake, Bedugul. If you are interested in a bit of history then let us tell you that this temple is devoted to the goddess of the lake. The picturesque building is definitely worth a visit.

Timings: 7 AM-7 PM
Entry Fee: 50,000 IDR(INR 247) for adults; 25,000 IDR(INR 123) for children

22. Candidasa- Explore

Candidasa Bali

Image Source

One of the mistakes that tourists often make is not visiting Candidasa. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Bali and should not be missed out upon. The place is not crowded like Kuta and Seminyak but equally beautiful which is an added advantage. The visitors will find many villages along the coast which makes it different.

Best Time To Visit: May to October

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23. Amed- Snorkeling

Snorkeling Amed Bali

Image Source

If you like quieter and less crowded places more than the always bustling ones, then Amed is the perfect choice. Relatively isolated and inexpensive than other parts of Bali, Amed is probably the best choice for snorkeling and many other water activities. Pristine sandy beaches and a scenic view of Mount Agung Volcano are whaat await you.

Entry Fee: Starting from IDR 850 (INR 4)

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24. Sukawati- Discover A Hidden Waterfall

If Bali has pristine beaches then it also has some mesmerising waterfalls and the best ones lie hidden. The best example of the same is Sekumpul Waterfall in Sukawati. Nestled amidst a lush valley and considered sacred, this place is magical. Trekking on a secluded path is what you would need to do to reach this waterfall. It is among the most exciting things to do in Bali waterfall.

Timings: 12:00 AM-12:00 PM
Entry Fee: IDR 20,000 (INR 98)


25. Ubud- Learn About The Culture

Ubud's Culture

Image Source

Also called the cultural heartland of Bali, Ubud is the best place to learn about Balinese culture. Ubud is not just about rice fields and scenic landscapes but the place also has many art galleries and museums. So if you are an art fanatic we strongly recommend you to visit Ubud and especially visit Neka Museum which offers you a glimpse into the evolution of art in the beautiful islands

Best Time To Visit: July-September

26. Chocolate Factory- Visit

Chocolate Factory Bali

Image Source

Being one of the top producers of Cocoa in the world, Indonesia has a reputation to sustain which results in offering the tourists a visit to Pod Chocolate Factory which makes some of the world’s best chocolates. If you are curious then you can also learn about how cocoa is grown, processed and how chocolate is made.

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27. Mount Batur- Trek

Mount Batur

Image Source

If the adventure junkie in you is craving for some adrenaline rush then Bali offers something for that too. You should head to Mount Batur to know what we are talking about. One of the most popular volcanoes in Bali, Mount Batur offers you the most scenic view of the sunrise and is one of the easiest treks. It is among the most adventurous things to do in Bali, Indonesia.

Entry Fee: Starting from IDR 100(INR 0.49)

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28. Ayung River- White River Rafting

River Rafting Ayung Bali

Image Source

Another one to boost to your adrenaline is trying white water rafting on Ayung River. Believe us, it’s one of the most exciting things to do in Bali. The river is full of white water rafts and it certainly makes up for an exciting trip down the river. You will have the adventure and the time of your life while you water raft on Ayung River. With so much to offer, it is no wonder as to why Sanur is among the best Bali attractions.

Entry Fee: IDR 4,89,755(INR 2415) for adults; IDR 2,79,965(INR 1380) for children

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29. Kuta- Experience The Nightlife

Pubs near Parliament lane

If you are a party animal and wanna have some fun then Jalan Legian in Kuta is where you should be at. Known as the best place to enjoy nightlife in Bali, this place is where you will find many bars, night clubs, chilled out cafes and live music events. You can party till you drop and if you feel hungry then there are plenty of eateries here. It is among the best things to do in Bali for bachelors.

Timings: NA
Entry Fee: NA

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30. Sanur – Enjoy Watersports

If you are done with surfing and want a pleasant coastal ambiance along with some real adventure then Sanur is the place for you. Indulging in water sports is one of the best things to do in Bali with kids. From surfing to paragliding Sanur offers everything. If you don’t want to indulge in any of these then to Sanur is a great choice as there are many beachfront retreats and plenty of bars and restaurants in the vicinity.

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31. Nusa Dua- Indulge In Luxury

Nusa Dua Luxury

Image Source

When it comes to luxury then there is nothing better than Nusa Dua. Known to be the most expensive place in Bali this opulent enclave is where you will find many private beaches and pretty lawns. It’s the best place to relax and rejuvenate and be away from the bustling city and the crowd.

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32. Menjangan Island- Spend A Day

Menjangan Island

Image Source

It might take you some time to get here but it definitely is worth it. The prime reason for which the tourists visit Menjangan Island is for diving and a variety of underwater surprises. One can find many colourful fish and coral reefs on the island. You can also visit the Menjangan National Park if you wish to interact with the fauna in the region. It’s among the prime Bali tourist attractions for a day-trip.

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33. Nyepi – Join In The Celebrations


This is an extremely important day for Balinese people as it marks the beginning of the New Year in to the Balinese calendar. It’s the Saka New Year that commemorated every Isaaawarsa base over the Balinese calendar and is usually celebrated during the month of March. On this day, Balinese people indulge in fasting and meditation, which is why most of the Bali attractions are closed on this day. The fasting and meditation is normally followed by various rituals, ceremonies, and prayers. It is celebrated all over this city by the locals, and the visitors are more than welcome to join in!

Location: All over Bali
Nyepi Dates 2020: 25-26 March, 2020

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34. Gili Islands – Stay In A Water Villa

A beautiful view of a water villa during the evening hours in Bali

Overwater villas add a romantic charm to every beach where they are located. Set over Bali’s white sand beaches and blue waters, these water villas add a unique scenic appeal to the three famous islands of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air in Bali. The best time to visit Gili to experience a lavish stay in overwater villas along with a blissful weather is between June and September when the crystal clear water here is perfect for trying various water activities like snorkeling, surfing, diving, island hopping, fishing, and boating.

Starting price: INR 11,000/-

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35. Lake Toba – Go Swimming

Things To Do In Indonesia

Located over the earth’s largest caldera, Lake Toba has a volcanic origin and it is situated in an island that is itself inside a lake. It is estimated to have been formed around 70,000 years ago. Since this lake offers so many exciting activities like swimming, boating, and more, it is one of the best Bali attractions to visit with your friends and family. One must, however, make sure to wear warm clothing to this place as it tends to get a little cold here.

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So, which of these things to do in Bali will you try first? A trip to Bali must be at the top of anyone’s bucket list. The charming view, serenity of a place that’s rich in spirituality and the pleasant atmosphere is really worth your money and time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Things To Do In Bali

Still confused? See these common queries people have:

Q. What is there to do in Bali on honeymoon?

A. You can visit the many beaches like Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach and many more and can enjoy the sunset at Uluwatu Temple and Tanah Lot Temple. Exploring the beaches and nightlife of Kuta is among the best things to do in Bali Kuta for couples.

Q. What are the best things to do in Bali with kids?

A. You can visit Waterbom, Bali Safari and Marine Park, Menjangan National Park and Kemenuh Butterfly Park.

Q. What is there to do in Bali at night?

A. You can experience the nightlife at Kuta, walk on the beach or enjoy a rooftop BBQ at Sky Garden.


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