25 international destinations to visit within 50k

We all know, travelling not only relaxes our mind but also our souls. Be it within or away from country, the fun, delight and extravaganza of the trip remains all the same!

Las Vegas - The Strip

However, neither you nor I can deny the fact that when it comes to go international, the first factor that hinders all our plans is the ‘budget’ estimation. Most of the times, our budget exceeds our limit and finally we end up dropping our plans! Well, if budget is bothering your next international tours, think again as there is a myriad list of international destinations that can easily fit into your wallet. And if this sounds unbelievable, check this list of 25 international destinations to visit within 50k

Las Vegas - Hoover Dam

Eat like a local,  drink like a local, travel like a local, use hostels, party like a local and live like a local and more so ever have fun!

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  1. Please send me details of Budget holidays ( 3N/4D and 4N/5D packages for 2 ) to

    1. Srilanka.
    2. Bangkok and a trip to Kanchanaburi.

    inclusive of to-and-fro airfares and surface travel in those places.

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